1  The Discovery

This is when we have the pleasure of meeting you to find out more about your project and how we might be able to service you.  During our first meeting, our goal is to learn more about your company further to the research we would have done.  What are the goals and objectives? What you want to achieve with your video asset? Who’s your audience? What’s the main message to be communicated?  Once the initial groundwork is done, it’s off to Stage 2!

2  Project Proposal

Our proposal is a key part of the process as it will demonstrate that we understand your video production needs as well as showcase our media production experience, creativity and talent that you are looking for.  The proposal will also include the most effective video solutions as well as creative approach, detailed budget, production timeline and deliverables.  Once you’ve reviewed and approved the document AND most imprtantly, feel comfortable working with us, you secure us with the signing of a brief and standard production contract…Once all the fun paper-work is done, it’s off to Stage #3!

3  Production

This is where we conceptualize and craft the messages, develop the script and prepare the production schedule.  All this is done with your input and we maintain clear channels of communication with you so that you always know the status of the project. Once the script is approved, the video shoot begins!  Then, it’s off to the editing studio where all the elements come together…footage, background music, digital effects, sound effects, animation and more!  When the draft is ready, you are welcome to pop by our facility to view OR a private electronic link will be emailed to you.

4  Project Wrap Up

We’re almost there…Once revisions have been made and final approval has been received, we can start packaging the final master file.  We have the ability to provide you with a format for any platform: DVD, flashdrive, FTP, a downloadable link, broadcast.  We ensure impeccable playback of your video on any platform.  Once your video has been tested and packaged, we deliver it to you with a smile.  This is when you can enjoy maximizing the use of your video on your website, social media platforms, playback on your company monitors, big screen playback, trade show playback and MORE!  We are also to help you with making sure your video is distributed to your target audience…Check out Stage 5 OR if not interested, proceed to Stage #6.

5  Video Social Media Marketing

As a progressive video production company, we believe in harnessing today’s technology to not only shoot, edit and deliver your video but also to help distribute your video assets as widely as possible to help achieve your organization’s branding and sales objectives…So, once yuor video is produced, our service doesn’t stop there.  In today’s digital and social world, it’s important to position your video for maximum impact by promoting and optimizing your video so that your target market can easily find and see it.  We can help take your video to this next level and have digital marketing packages that can be provided as part of producing an effective video for you!

6  Moving Forward

We don’t believe in one and done projects!  It’s all about relationship!  Once a production is delivered and wrapped up, we are always here to continue to make the process an efficient one.  From time to time, productions may have to be updated due to factors such as rebranding, new facilities, introduction of a new product or service…Whatever the reason, we can quickly make those essential changes so that your business can continue to maximize the use of your video!  We look forward to working with you again!