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Corporate video marketing is one of the most effective tools in a company’s marketing strategy.  Through the power of VIDEO, companies can experience multiple benefits all at the very same time!  They can distribute key communications across to employees situated under one roof or in multiple locations; Reinforce their corporate image and brand; Motivate their employees, clients and consumers; and reach and inform a global audience.

Cameraworks’ Corporate video productions range from internal corporate communication videos to products & services videos and training videos.  Video can be used in the corporate world for…

  • Corporate Communications – Employee Video Messages, HR Video Updates, PR & Media Release Videos
  • Corporate Events – Press Conferences, Share Holder Meetings, Product & Service Announcements/Launches, Sales Meetings
  • Corporate Interviews – Board Members, Employees, Executive Management & Industry Experts
  • Corporate Training – Product & Service Training, Safety (OHSE) Training, Executive Presentation Video Training
  • Corporate Promotions – Commercials, infomercials, Public Service Announcements, Company Video Blogs, Social Media Videos